Meet Leah

A Colorado Lifestyle Photographer

My journey as a photographer began when I became a mother. I realized all of the memories I was capturing of my daughter actually told a story — one that was true; one that was imperfect, emotional and full of ups and downs, but a true story of motherhood. And it was mine to cherish forever!

Now, as a mother of two girls, I truly understand the importance of memories, of time flying by, of moments going unnoticed. Each and every session, I look for these special moments of love and laughter, motherhood and childhood, these connections that create the stories we celebrate for years to come. As a former educator, I love working with kids and often find connections right from the start. It’s not unusual to find me carrying babes up trails, leading the older ones across streets with a loving hand, or wiping snotty faces. And I love every minute of it!